Stainless steel hand flushing pot DCM001A-035,350 ML, upgrade 1-2 person hand flushing pot


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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival -- 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival activities

In order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of the team


Our staff purchased four batches of emergency supplies in Covid-19 urgent time for Shunde goverment from Israel

On February 3, the first batch of 12,000 protective suits and a small number of masks were safely put on board.


Love in the Mid-Autumn Festival, Richy 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival activities summary

On the occasion of the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival, let's enjoy the charm of traditional Chinese culture


Our company is involved in the African elephant collar project

Over the years, Richy has been one of the public good donors to the African Rhino anti-poaching program and the elephant conservation program.


Covid19! In the year of the epidemic, hard work will bring us opportunities!

Covid19! In the year of the epidemic, hard work will bring us opportunities!


The 10th anniversary celebration of Ritchie

December 25th, 2017 ushered in the 10th anniversary celebration of Richy Company. General Manager Louis led all employees to celebrate together.


Richy sent coffee gifts to volunteers who volunteer to participate in the speech and function assessment program for autistic children

Three years ago, Rui Qi and more than 20 social volunteers took turns to participate in the project