Main business

Laboratory services

Our laboratory is a comprehensive, multi-functional laboratory, mainly engaged in tests of performance, safety, the whole machine reliability and aging of electric products, such as water boiler, coffee percolator, electric water machine,  roasting machine and other electrical products.  We provide services as below:

1. Safety regulation test and reliability test:

-Environmental climate test

-Electrical-stress shock test

2. Aging life and performance test.

3. Certification agency services of electrical products, including CE / CB / GS / SAA / ETL / KC / INMETRO / ROSH / REACH / FDA / CCC / CQC and other domestic and international certification.

Plant and Facilities Services

1. Basic plant facilities: including plant decoration, network installation, fire-fighting facilities,hydroelectric facility

2. Plant and company intermediary: workshop intermediary service

Human resources services

1. Recruitment services: including talent transfer, headhunting and employment services

2. Training and expansion: personnel training, personnel quality improvement training and talent expansion

3. Dismissal service: handle the dismissal reasonably and legally

4. Fire and safety services: fire/safety inspection and daily data maintenance

5. Company registration consultation and services