Main business

Coffee Business Division

We Specialize In The Research And Developers Of Coffee Equipment.

Our Main Business Is Drip Coffee Maker, Pressure Coffee Maker, Roasting Coffee Machine , Coffee And Surrounding Products, And We Are Committed To Creating Boutique Coffee Equipment And Supporting Services.

The Drinking And Beverage Business Division

We Focus On The Original Research And Development Of Boutique Water Machines. Our Main Business Is Household Water Boiler, Household Water Boiler With Large Capacity, Commercial Water Boiler, Water Machine, Filtering Water Machine And Electrical Appliances.

The Beer Business Division

Our main business is small commercial-beer-brewing equipment, commercial beer-storage and transportation equipment, home brewing equipment.

We specialize in providing service in beer-bar chain, beer distribution, beer brewing consumables and services.

Meanwhile we provide home brew equipment for our own beer bar.

DJA Trading Company

Our main business is household water boiler,water equipment with large capacity, commercial water boiler and water machine.